domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Bolivia - Politics on the way

As the idea was to stay at Brasilian pantanal once I crossed the border I decided not to by the traveler guide of Bolivia. At the third city visited I was granted from two north Europeans with a lonely planet from all South America, about 6 years old. I was very grateful and get to read. I learned that Bolivia has the size of France and Spain together even thought it lost lands, during the last 200 years, to every of it’s neighbors! The most dramatic lost talking political history or more narrowed in my minor opinion, was the loss to Chile, if I understood it correctly they called Chilean companies to explore the mines but along the governments changes these companies never paid taxes up to the point it was paying taxes to the Chilean government.
As I do like politics and for that madders history I went around Bolivia putting these point on the conversation, tricky one thought Brazil also got it’s steak!
There was no average or census to be made, every body learn a as dramatic, to say the list, as the scenario I’ve got in the lonely planet. Most politicized ware willing for it to come back although realists that talk would not be enough. The once in school age I could speak with had the hero version of the story “be correct using the force if necessary”… in their version be correct is to have their lands back, Brazilian/Bolivian land included.
Talking with local I also learned they are some less then 10 million people, a bit more then in Swiss, less then almost all neighbors.
I had the nice filling they are free of expression and wills, and at least as well educated as we are in Brazil.

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