sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

The seat coincidence leaving Uyuni

The two friends were for 4 days separated. Both of them did the amazing trip through the Bolivian Salair including deserts and a nice range of lakes with pink flamingos. They expected to meet again at some point between the Uyuni's train station, and Tupiza - the next city in both schedules.
Destiny and, who knows the straight of friendship, reserved them to meet inevitably right way at the train station.
The first was there sitting alone among the crowd of tourists that await the train yet more then a hour to come when the second show up followed for the crowd of friends that did the Salair with him. Seating there, Claudio had given up looking to each tourist entering the train station, in his mind even he gave up the chance that Antoine had been so smart or lucky as he was to have the train ticket bot from the tourist agency that drove him to the Salair, since a other friend couldn't by the ticket that afternoon, Antoine could go through the same faith.
Antoine instead, enter the train station focusing on the figure, smallest then the average as is his friend but waring colorful trousers, much far from the usual jeans, the only one he new his friend had brought from Brazil and the beard, could it had grown so much in four days. Letting his friends some steps behind, Antoine leaned forward nearer the stranger to finally wide a smile touching his friend's shoulder. Hey Antoine! They hugged, Antoine introduced his friends and invited Claudio to joint the group to smock a last bit of what last from their trip.
The greatest coincidence was yet to come when the two checked their train tickets and figured out that in a large composition they had just the seats 21 and 22 from exactly the same wagon! There was no way they could miss each other.

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